We are always happy to get a puzzle, which improves our creative thinking & helps to make Klaipeda even more attractive place to visit.
There is hardly a local resident who doesn’t know Radailiai manor, SPA & restaurant or a family that would not know about DINO park and upside-down house.

OUR TASK this time – combine these two, seemingly completely different attractions & create one visual identity for harmonious brand image.


✔️ Stand Up designers have created a logo that conveys two different messages, you just have to… turn it around!
✔️ If you take a closer look, at the top of Radailiai manor logo there is a stylized fragment of the arch (symbolizes the manor) and waves that convey the idea of SPA, rest and water.
✔️ Meanwhile in the logo of DINO park, there is a little dinosaur at the top & an upside-down house in the bottom.
✔️ Palette of deep green and rose gold looks solid for manor style, however it is easily transformed into green shades of DINO park jungle!

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