Professional visual communication – the most effective way of being exceptional.
ITCC is a company providing scaffolding construction, pipeline and equipment insulation as well as oven and furnace brickwork services both in Lithuania and the rest of Europe. While renewing company’s visual communication we implemented a particular, recognizable and professional style. Seeking to reflect the company’s identity, we have created a modern logo, framed in the austere rectangle shape. Together with it goes a round shaped graphic element, comprised of stylized company name letters. It brings the entire sign together and completes the logotype style. Certain graphic elements in the sign symbolize the areas of ITCC business activities. Small round shape in the center – symbolized pipe, open circle around it stands for insulation layer, while the crossed lines in the corner represent scaffolding. This graphic solution allows using just the graphic sign separately from the name logotype. The slogan under it – “Together we build success” serves as a company’s mission statement. Several specifically cropped images (one with the metal texture) coupled with the red band element are used for various additional visual communication tools.

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